Flight Training Systems Ltd

Item Number: FTS01

The ETMS is a comprehensive, intuitive electronic reporting system, which provides a detailed and immediately accessible record of flying training, from ab-initio through to qualification and beyond

Electronic Training Management System (ETMS)

Item Number: FTS02

The ASPA software allows aircraft owners/operators to schedule their aircraft. It is fully compatible with Windows operating systems and can be linked to an intranet or internet web-based application for on-line viewing

Text Box: Aircraft Scheduling Programming Software (ASPS)

Item Number: FTS03

The APS document provides both Flying Training Organizations and Operators alike detailed output performance standards for all phases of flight. It is both JAR FCL and OPS 1 compliant

Aircrew Performance Standards (APS)

Item Number: FTS04

Training and Operations Manuals produced for Flying Training and Type Rating Organisations

JAR FCL Training Manuals

Item Number: FTS 05

Product List

The Systems Approach to Flight Training Solutions

 EASA OPS 1 Part A to D Operations Manuals

EASA OPS 1 Part A to D Operations Manuals produced. Part B type-specific Standard Operating Procedures are a specialty, in particular for Corporate Charter