Flight Training Systems Ltd

· Developed from principles established by the British Army Air Corps’ human factors community over a decade ago. The proven methodology employed is generic, and with a number of modifications, can easily be applied to any flying training system.


· Post-sortie, the instructor logs all the training data on trainee pilots. The the package then converts this information into trainee pilots’ strengths and weaknesses, and displays it in a way that can be readily interpreted by entitled personnel.


· Comparison of the trainee data with norms for ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ students using the system allows rapid assessment of student progress and identification of areas where remedial training may be necessary. This visual appreciation can also be backed up by a number of statistical analyses and management tools, which have been extensively developed by FTS.

Using FTS’s error rate profile mathematical modelling within any popular software system, FTS can provide an easy to use management/instructor interface.


The ETMS provides a comprehensive, intuitive electronic reporting system, which provides a detailed and immediately accessible record of flying training, from ab-initio through to qualification and beyond.


It allows management to oversee pilot and student progress using a methodology that provides subjective assessment, objectively applied, ensuring a fair, irrefutable, clear and predictive valuation of an individual’s flying

Electronic Training Management System (ETMS)

The Systems Approach to Flight Training Solutions